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June 2018
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Seema [userpic]

We went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" last night and it's a decent film, though I spent most of the movie trying to place various actors (it's sad to say -- it took me nearly the entire movie to recognize Jennifer Connolly). The movie was alternately funny and painful; funny, because so true, and painful because I recognized myself and some of my friends in it. All in all, decent film, and I was tempted to fic a different ending for a couple of the characters because well, they deserved another fate.

I'm still behind on BSG, and curiously, not missing it so much. My sister-in-law and I discussed last weekend and we both think it's because the gap between the first half of season four and the second was just way too long for those of us with Swiss cheese memories and little time to catch up. I've lost my connection with these characters, those long hours musing in the aftermath of the episode, forgetting what makes them work, the history that guides their actions. It's as if they are strangers to me and I can't hear their voices in my head anymore. And it's like when your ex writes to you one day out of the blue about what was and it's been so long, you wonder if you ever knew that person at all. Anyway, hopefully will be caught up in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, idella rec Benevolent Sibling, hilarious BSG fic. Seriously fun, so go read if you haven't already.