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April 2018
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Seema [userpic]

So I came looking for the fluffy and the kittens today because it's been one of those years and came instead across something called RaceFail09 with lots of links here. I'm exhausted just scanning the number of entries on this one.

So I'm still looking for something fun to read this Friday evening. If you have any recommendations, I would love to have them (Trek, X-Files, BSG, JAG, GA, The Practice, CSI, etc). The fluffier the better...

Trek Rec (Ooh, rhymey)

Okay, Star Trek Voyager rec, quite possibly one of the best Paris/Torres fics I've ever read is Chutes and Ladders by Birca. Pretty fluffy, but not long-haired-persian-cat fluffy. Cute, though, and much more fun to read than a cat (metaphor gone wrong here)


Hope you like it.