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Seema [userpic]
New XF fic - Compass

Compass -- The truth was a harsh compass. Post series, pre-XF2 movie. Set after "The Truth" and before the XF2 movie, "I Want to Believe." Anything up to and including the movies are potentially spoilerific. Just one interpretation of how our heroes got to where they were in the movie.


I remember this. I just watched the movie on my plane ride of a million hours. It was good...but is sort of blending with the other four movies I saw while only half conscious...and the result is weird. O_o

Yes, I finally decided to post it. I keep thinking of things I'm going to change/add/research and then I was like, I'm never going to move on from this story. So I posted it :-)

The movie is definitely worth watching in fast-forward on the plane, because there are so many moments worth squeeing about.

A few years late, but I just finished reading this. I thought it was a very good lead-in to the movie, explaining the changes Scully had to go through to get there. I'm not so sure about Mulder giving up the quest, but that's canon, so that's what happened, inexplicable or not.

So, in The X-Files universe, did colonization happen or not? I still wonder about it.

I guess we know the answer now -- no. It is disappointing in a way.