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April 2018
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Seema [userpic]
Holiday ficlets!

As a gift to you for the holiday season, I'm offering to write ficlets up to 500 words or so in your choice of any of the fandoms I write in (All Treks but TOS, X-Men, X-Files, Without a Trace, JAG, Commander-in-Chief; if there is another fandom you think I do, just leave a message and I'll get back to you). Leave me a comment in which you name the fandom of your choice, a character or two, a scenario -- anything you'd like, and sometime in December, I'll post your ficlet. Pretty much no restrictions on anything, and yes, talkingdonkey, that does mean you J/J is doable :-)


How about an X-Files with some post finale angst about William for Mulder and Scully. ;)

Coming up sometime in December for you. I like your icon, btw.

JAG, post series, Mac and Harm - they somehow have a happy Christmas

Sure! I like the idea :-) Coming up for you sometime this month...

An offer I can't refuse! Let's see... P/J, with a Christmas party, a hunk of mistletoe, and an unhappy Klingon in a Santa hat. (It doesn't have to be the hat he's unhappy about.)

Oh you evil one! Since you used 'he' as a pronoun, I'm assuming you're talking about Worf. This could be fun. It's about time P/J stopped angsting and had fun.

Well, if you really wanted to swap genders, by all means - JLP fending off a female Klingon in a Santa hat has an appeal all its own. :D

Oh. God.

Desperate Housewives, Bree, the perfect soufle.

I have about 80 gazillion ideas for this. Amazing what thinking on a long drive will do...

Oh, I can't resist! I'll even beg if necessary! Please write some Commander in Chief fic!

I'd love to see either some Mac backstory, perhaps from the campaign, or some Jim/Jayne (how they first began seeing each other would be ideal) :)

Thank you!

LOL, no begging necessary, and I'll be happy to write you some CiC (g).

Ok, this sounds too good to pass up!

How about a J/C & the Triplets holiday fic. (Can be any holiday of your choosing.)

The Return of the Triplets (tm)? Are you really ready for the fandom backlash? If so, one ficlet with holidays and J/C and screaming, gooey babies coming your way...

Yay! :)

Wow, Seema! What a great gift. I'm going to shock you and ask for a story about -- Janeway. Visiting DS9 a couple years after Voyager's return. A conversation with any of the DS9 regulars. NO TRIPLETS. Oh, excuse me. I think I'm shouting. I mean, I would prefer not to have any triplets, thank you kindly.

LOL! I'm shocked! I fainted I'm so shocked! And yes, I can certainly do something with Janeway visiting DS9. And really, no triplets? Are you sure? ;-)

I'm late, but it's because I didn't want to be pushy, but now I'm reckless (and I wrote lots today!), and I'm not scared to be pushy after all. Fear me. *g*

JAG, Webb POV, please, thinking about Rabb (and hinting at how he wants Rabb if possible) in the wonderful, marvelous, superb series you wrote for me, but if not, just Webb POV about something, maybe even set in a Webb-episode. I love when you write Webb. I hope that you know that.

I'm late, but it's because I didn't want to be pushy, but now I'm reckless (and I wrote lots today!), and I'm not scared to be pushy after all. Fear me. *g*

LOL. Wait. Let me get another cup of coffee. Stronger. Okay, NOW I think I can take you on (g). And you're certainly not being pushy. I'm having lots of fun with this project, so I'm glad you requested one.

And Webb POV coming up sometime in the next couple weeks (my muse is determining the order of requests, not me). So glad you like my Webb :-)

Coffee helps just about everything in the morning. *g* Thanks for playing along with me, and thank you in advance for my Webb POV! :-D

I miss your W/D fic. How about something else set in the Gaia universe?
Thank you for this offer! Huzzah!

W/D and Gaia? Or just Gaia? Either way, it'll be fun. Thanks for asking!

Both W/D and Gaia, ideally. Thank you! (I hope you will have fun with it.)