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Most recently seen in <lj-user="vonnie_k">'s LJ:

<b>1. What new television show do you like best this season?</b>

For drama, I like "Commander in Chief" the best, because it's cheesy and Geena Davis is actually quite good in her role. For comedy, I'm really enjoying "How I Met Your Mother"; I generally don't like sitcoms, but this one is so cute and the cast is wonderful.

<b>2. What returning show do you like best this season?</b>

Huh. I'm actually pretty lukewarm on my returning shows and have given up most of them. However, I did get back into "Grey's Anatomy" and actually like it a lot more than I originally did.

<b>3. What's your favorite procedural: Cold Case, Bones, NCIS, Numb3rs, CSI: The Mother Ship, CSI: David Caruso's Sunglasses or CSI: NY is a Very Blue City?</b>

What? No "Without a Trace"? In which case, I'll have to go with CSI: The Mother Ship.

<b>4. Which new XF rip-off homage do you like best: Invasion, Threshold, Surface or Supernatural?</b>

I haven't watched any of them except "Threshold" and I didn't make it through the first hour.

<b>5. Which season of television on DVD did you buy most recently?</b>

Nothing on DVD recently, though I have bought some VHSes lately

<b>6. What show would you be willing to pay for to download?</b>

None, actually, not if it aired on regular broadcast television with commercials and especially if I've already seen the episode.

<b>7. What older show, no longer on the air, are you enjoying via reruns or DVD?</b>

"Sports Night" and "X-Files"

<b>8. If Hugh Laurie asked, how many babies would you have for him?</b>


No NaNoing for me this year. After three years of doing it, I decided I needed a break. Actually, these days I think I'm doing good if I crack the 500-word mark, let alone 50,000. But NaNoing Mad Chatters! I will try to be online to cheer you on! Go go go!


Actually, these days I think I'm doing good if I crack the 500-word mark, let alone 50,000.

How true. But I started vidding now, so I've always a good conscience because I'm still a fannishly productive member of the community...

LOL, yes, you're still a productive member. I think my contribution to fandom are the ASC SoS posts...

Y'know, we should have some kind of 'holiday cheer' extravaganza on the newsgroup, just to liven things up a bit.

I wanted to post the link to my vids (most of them het :) to ASC lately, but I tend to forget my googlegroups pw and then are too lazy to look it up...if it were a yahoogroup too, I think things would be easier for many people.

(Not sure about the extravaganza, because all of muses tend to get nasty lately when they have deadlines of any kind...)

*random drive by hugs and waves*

HEY! What's up?