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June 2018
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Seema [userpic]
Fic challenge

I was trying to arm-twist rocky_t into writing me fic this evening on AIM, but she's gotten wise to me and said I had to write fic too on the theme I had suggested. So here's the deal: "It's Not All About You." Write a fic, any fandom, any pairing (or lack thereof), any genre, where one character tells the other off -- some variation of "It's not all about you," that is. And when you've written the fic, leave a link here. You know you want to play (g).


LOL -- that's my least favorite fic genre, the "tell-off." I might have to do an alternate challenge; what do you think of the "as a matter of fact, it IS all about me, and here's why" idea?

Ooooh, I like that :-) I can just imagine the conversation now -- I can just imagine that conversation with some of my favorite characters and just how they'd react, because it's a comeback most wouldn't expect. Go for it :-)