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June 2018
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Happy new year all!

Just got back from incredibly long roadtrip through the Southwest and saw some lovely, lovely things. Imagine living somewhere for more than 7 years but never realizing there were MOUNTAINS THOUSANDS OF FEET TALL in your state (in my defense, I just never thought about it as I live in a very, very flat city and until this roadtrip, I'd been all the way south and most of the way east and north, but never much further west than where I am now).

We took in about 3 national parks and an observatory in the middle of the desert -- the highlight of which was seeing the Milky Way for the very first time. It's amazing how much you don't see of the night sky when you live in a very large city. We also drove up to about 10,000 feet to visit a ski resort. It made the New Englander in me very happy to see snow and the ski trails. It's been way too long since I've had skis strapped on my feet, but oh that cold! I'm not sure I could take it anymore.

Mad Chatters -- my plans are to go out for dinner tonight, but hopefully be back around 10-10:30 my time and I'll try to get on AIM if I'm home. It's been a long time, so hope to see you then.

Back December 31st, 2005 Forward