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Barking Dog Neighbor has been replaced with loud, bass-playing neighbor. Which is totally annoying as the music overshadows my television and my own music. I think they're evacuees, which means I have some sympathy for their position, but I had to tell them twice last weekend to turn down their music, as it continued to be loud after 10 pm. I've been out all afternoon at the ballgame (aside to jalara: May the battle go to the strong), so it hasn't bothered me today and I'm heading out in a bit for the night and so theoretically, the music won't be a problem for me for the rest of the night. But still. Thoughts?

What should I do about my loud music playing neighbor?

Knock and ask him to turn down his music or at the very least, the bass
Ignore him
Call the police
Call the apartment people in the morning
You're going out tonight anyway, so don't worry about it
Other (in Comments)

Dean Wesley Smith talks about writing rules here. Pretty interesting. I like how as a writer and editor, he's so accessible and answers questions so readily. Plus, he never sounds arrogant, but rather encouraging and thoughtful, and I appreciate that.

Back October 15th, 2005 Forward