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Back October 11th, 2005 Forward

I'm feeling like writing again for the first time in months. The reasons I haven't been writing are unimportant for the vast majority of you, but I'm starting to feel that pinprick of excitement again, mostly for "Without a Trace" and "Commander in Chief" and I did go back and look at a JAG fic I started for gem225 quite a while ago. And of course, I owe another X-Men story for the ficathon. I've gotten awfully lazy though during my 'forced' time off though, so whether I actually get some of these ideas down is another thing entirely (g).

Razor blades are literally my new best friends when it comes to scraping adhesive off windows. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on how to get masking tape off windows. The razor blade on a handle worked beautifully and I have eight windows and one glass door done, and four more windows to go. But gah. Not exactly the most fun way to spend my day off, but next time, I'll know exactly how to deal with the situation.

Back October 11th, 2005 Forward