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Back May 23rd, 2005 Forward

I updated the Worf/Dax Fanfic Archive this evening with a new story, Starting Over by Ginomo. I haven't seen a new W/D story in ages, and the most recent story in the Archive -- until today -- was saragoose's "Survival Mechanism" (fabulous, if you haven't already read it) and that was archived back in 2003.

Ginomo was one of the first Trek writers I met back in the mid-90s when I first started getting interested in fanfic. I used to lurk around ASC during those days, but I didn't write my own until my senior year of college when Stuff Happened (tm) and I needed an escape. The W/D 'shippers were never a big group. We could never compete with the onslaught of O/Kers or J/Jers (Julian/Jadzia) or even the emergence of the J/Cers and P/Ters from the Voyager fandom. But despite our small size, oh we had some terrific intre-mailing list flame wars over which 'shipper pairing was the OTP, canon be damned. Trek fandom seems too tame these days compared to back then when just acknowledging you were friends with someone in the 'enemy camp' (Hi talkingdonkey!) was a Big Big Thing (tm) and having a guest book on your site was just asking to be flamed. Those were the days...

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Back May 23rd, 2005 Forward