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Thank you to the anonymous person who gifted me with LJ time! Thank you, whoever you are! That was so incredibly sweet and unexpected of you! I would love to write you fic or make you an icon as a thank you.


My JAG review of the series finale is here. I've watched the ending about 10 times already (g) and brainstorming in my head what happens next. There is definitely fic coming soon.

I wrote two codas to yesterday's JAG ep. Since the ending was so open, I came up with three possible scenarios on what happens to Mac and Harm next, but I chose to write two of them. Also, I still think there are lots of unresolved questions and things they need to discuss, and I tried to address them here, but in the interests of not duplicating content, each issue is mentioned only once.

The Two Sides of Fate: Maybe this happens or maybe this is what happens.

It goes without saying both versions include spoilers for the finale.

Back April 30th, 2005 Forward