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Back February 25th, 2005 Forward

I was re-watching "Sports Night" the other day, because no show makes me squee, continuously, like that one. There are certain scenes which get me every. single. time. Like when Gordon comes to break up with Dana and the way she walks down the hallway, twisting her hands and giving instructions to her staff. Or when Danny tells Dana, "You were hanging out in the men's room." Or the turkey falling from the light grid; I can watch that scene over and over and it still makes me laugh.

I'm starting to feel that twinge of obsession over "Without a Trace" and it's rather scary. In the last year or so, I've gotten less fannish, and have been watching a lot of things without ficcing or even talking about what I was watching or even reading reviews or spoilers. I'd been watching "Without a Trace" on and off since it came on, but it was on opposite "ER" and God, I've been watching "ER" since the first episode; it felt vaguely disloyal to jump ship. This season though, I haven't watched "ER" at all, but there are a few eps I've heard about that I want to catch in re-run. I still think "ER" is a good show, but the characters no longer hold my interest and I think it's better to stop watching something when you still have fond and good memories of it.

I'm feeling rather strange towards JAG today. Apparently Do I really need to cut the casting spoiler anymore?Collapse ).

Apparently there will be thirteen hours of "Law & Order" on next week on NBC. How scary is that?

I am, however, really looking forward to "The Amazing Race" which debuts again on Tuesday; not entirely thrilled about casting spoilerCollapse )

ETA: My BOFQ review of tonight's JAG episode is here and andrastewhite has an interesting post on 25 things she knows about fandom.

Back February 25th, 2005 Forward