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Back February 15th, 2005 Forward

Meme, because I am SO curious:

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

I spent my Valentine's Day with a sense of accomplishment -- final closure on things past was finally achieved, thanks to prodding from my best friend from college -- and then met up with the always fun s1ncer1ty for dinner and margaritas. And then came the post-margarita chat with best friend from college, in which I which I used the word 'bummer' a scary amount.

I'm just curious as to whether anyone saw the musical "Seventh Heaven" ep last night; really, now there's an ep that would be AWESOME watched to the drink of margaritas. I have this vision of Reverend Camden swirling down the stairs in his robes, just belting out songs about how everyone just out to get along and who the hell are all these people living in my house?

I'm way behind on comments/emails etc., so if I owe you a response, I'm sooo sorry; I'm going to attempt to catch up tonight, before s1ncer1ty et al and I are heading out for MORE margaritas tonight.

Back February 15th, 2005 Forward