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Fic title: Bound Each to Each
Author name: Seemag
Artist name: angelus2hot
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay, past Paris/Janeway, Harren/OC
Rating: R
Word count: ~72,300
Warnings: Miscarriage, consent issues
Summary: Ten years after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres are navigating through some difficult times when a secret from Tom's past threatens their fragile peace. Meanwhile Janeway is taking on a new mission that could change her relationship with Chakotay. Trigger warnings. Language warnings. PDF format.
Link to fic: unbound @
Link to art: Complete art collection

New VOY: Facets

New fic: Facets

So this is what happens when a group of us get together to remix an episode of Voyager, in this case – “Shattered”. All the characters, all the perspectives – new Facet posted every day or so. A group effort by yours truly, Jemima, Penny P, Jamelia, zakhad and rocky_t

New VOY: 27 Kisses (P/T) [R]

New fic because every now and then you realize you have way too much knowledge about a particular thing about your fandom and there is only one thing to do: fic it.

27 Kisses: Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres have kissed approximately 27 times. Here are the stories about each one of those kisses. My own person Adventember: a vignette a day from Nov. 28th (the first day of Advent in 2371) until Dec. 24th.

Also zakhad added an extra challenge: every title has to begin with a song title, and more importantly the title has to have the word 'kiss' in it.

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It's been a busy few weeks of ficcing for me. I finally got over some "stage fright" thanks to jamelia116 and zakhad and posted a couple of Voyager post-Endgame stories -- new for 2019!

Moving On -- One last goodbye on the USS Voyager. P/T.

Last Call -- Sandrines, for the last time. J & C.

I'm also finally getting around to my goal of rewriting old fics, and I've rewritten two of them --

A Case of Need -- the novelization of Workforce from B'Elanna's POV


Stay -- A coda to "Random Thoughts." Tom is forced to reevaluate his relationships with various members of the crew as he helps B'Elanna deal with the aftereffects of her experience on the Mari homeworld.

And because i can't resist the new Picard series, I had to revisit my OTP, Janeway/Picard one more time before an all new canon comes into being.

Nothing Gold -- Deanna Troi pays an old friend a visit.

To just mix things up a little bit, I revisted JAG in honor of Mac and Harm's reunion on NCIS:LA

The Other Side of Fate -- Mac contemplates Harm after seeing him for the first time in 9 years. Missing scene from NCIS: LA's "False Flag".

New fic

Evenfall -- B'Elanna attends Jor's thirtieth birthday party. Written in response to a challenge to show a birthday or any kind of celebration aboard Voyager. Set before "Night".

New fic

Happy Cinco de Maio! For years, I've been contemplating rewriting many of my old stories. But plot bunnies always got in the way, not to mention just the fear and insecurity of looking at old stuff. But I'm happy to report, I have finally accomplished a rewrite of one of my stories. One down, a few dozen more to go! You can find a practically brand spanking new version of "A Case of Need" -- my novelization of the VOY episode, "Workforce" --  here.

Fic is also updated on AO3 and

New fic

So three new stories for this update. They are all currently housed at AO3 because I have yet to get them up on my website but eventually I'll get around to it. (Also does anyone know if is fixed yet?).

Crime and Punishment (VOY): After an away mission gone wrong, Tom has some explaining to do. This is a follow up to a fic rocky_t wrote called "Great Expectations"

Divergence (TNG/VOY); Talk about the new Picard series spurred this on, with a little bit of prodding from zakhad I decided to revisit the Janeway/Picard pairing. In this installment, Picard contemplates a career change that could impact his relationship with Janeway. My thanks to rocky_t for the beta.

The Edge of Glory (DS9): Following the events of "The Sword of Kahless", Jadzia and Worf discuss what happened in the caves of Hur'q.

I've been unhappy with the next story in my John & Miral series and I've been procrastinating on posting it because I'm sure if I just wait a few more days, something awesome will come to mind to save the thing. Every time I fiddle with it, I dislike it even more. But the upside is, while I've been waiting for inspiration to hit me, I have been writing other stuff and have several other WiPs on the docket, including a standalone fifth season VOY novel (10 out of 20 planned chapters completed) and an Equinox AU fic that is still in very early planning stages. And of course, I'm not done with Janeway and Picard either. I still have stories to tell about these characters and after all these years (20!), I'm pleasantly surprised that this is the case.

For now, I plan to keep my fannish things -- which are few and far between, to be honest -- to LJ. I love writing again, and I have a bunch of other fics in the works, including more VOY and X-Files, and I'm aware that most fannish communities have moved away from LJ to Tumblr but I'm seeing some signs of life again on LJ. For purely selfish reasons, of course I hope everyone is coming back here!