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Evenfall -- B'Elanna attends Jor's thirtieth birthday party. Written in response to a challenge to show a birthday or any kind of celebration aboard Voyager. Set before "Night".

Happy Cinco de Maio! For years, I've been contemplating rewriting many of my old stories. But plot bunnies always got in the way, not to mention just the fear and insecurity of looking at old stuff. But I'm happy to report, I have finally accomplished a rewrite of one of my stories. One down, a few dozen more to go! You can find a practically brand spanking new version of "A Case of Need" -- my novelization of the VOY episode, "Workforce" --  here.

Fic is also updated on AO3 and fanfiction.net

So three new stories for this update. They are all currently housed at AO3 because I have yet to get them up on my website but eventually I'll get around to it. (Also does anyone know if ff.net is fixed yet?).

Crime and Punishment (VOY): After an away mission gone wrong, Tom has some explaining to do. This is a follow up to a fic rocky_t wrote called "Great Expectations"

Divergence (TNG/VOY); Talk about the new Picard series spurred this on, with a little bit of prodding from zakhad I decided to revisit the Janeway/Picard pairing. In this installment, Picard contemplates a career change that could impact his relationship with Janeway. My thanks to rocky_t for the beta.

The Edge of Glory (DS9): Following the events of "The Sword of Kahless", Jadzia and Worf discuss what happened in the caves of Hur'q.

I've been unhappy with the next story in my John & Miral series and I've been procrastinating on posting it because I'm sure if I just wait a few more days, something awesome will come to mind to save the thing. Every time I fiddle with it, I dislike it even more. But the upside is, while I've been waiting for inspiration to hit me, I have been writing other stuff and have several other WiPs on the docket, including a standalone fifth season VOY novel (10 out of 20 planned chapters completed) and an Equinox AU fic that is still in very early planning stages. And of course, I'm not done with Janeway and Picard either. I still have stories to tell about these characters and after all these years (20!), I'm pleasantly surprised that this is the case.

For now, I plan to keep my fannish things -- which are few and far between, to be honest -- to LJ. I love writing again, and I have a bunch of other fics in the works, including more VOY and X-Files, and I'm aware that most fannish communities have moved away from LJ to Tumblr but I'm seeing some signs of life again on LJ. For purely selfish reasons, of course I hope everyone is coming back here!

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New series (WiP) currently in progress at AO3: The Things That We Are Made Of
Series: VOY, DS9
Characters (to date): Miral Torres, John Torres, Bill Ross, OCs
Summary: Why would a human marry a Klingon? And then why, twelve years later, would he leave and never speak to his wife and daughter again?

A response to zakhad's "album" challenge: take a music album and write a series of stories all titled after the songs on the album. I selected "The Things That We Are Made Of" by Mary Chapin Carpenter..

It's been a long time, and it feels a bit rusty, but I managed to get a little bit of writing down in the past few months.

Title: Thirty Miles North
Summary: A house is just a house except for when it's not. Mulder/Scully, season 11.
Link: http://seema.org/xfiles/thirty_miles_north.htm

Title: The Longest Night
ST: Voyager
Summary: A missing scene from "One"; P/T
Link: http://seema.org/myfanfic/voy/the_longest_night.htm

This amused me -- who has it worse, Meredith Grey or Dana Scully?


It's with regret that I announce that the Worf Dax Fanfic Archive is closing when Geocities shuts down the site on Oct. 26, 2009, nearly 11 years after it was first opened. I'd been hoping to find time to save it, but unfortunately RL is more interesting than I can handle right now. I tried a couple of options, but I'm forced to face reality: I don't have the time to move the site to another location prior to Geocities' shut down.

The URL for the site is: http://geocities.com/wdfa

If you have stories on the site that you would like to save, please do so before Oct. 26, 2009.

I do not have a copy of the website on my computer. It may be possible to retrieve some files from the Wayback Machine if necessary, but after the shut down I will not be able to provide any copies of the stories to anyone as I simply don't have them. Some stories may also be archived on the individual author sites (if they still exist) or at Trekiverse. If there is something you really want saved, please go to the site and save it to your computer just in case the other options are not available.

Thank you to all of those who contributed stories and those of you who read and sent feedback. It was much appreciated.

Author's Note: It's all talkingdonkey's fault. She requested a story about this picture; this is the somewhat silly result. Timeline, eh, put it sometime during season 4.

Disclaimer: After all these years, I think we know who actually knows these characters and it's not me.

The Photo ShootCollapse )

We went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" last night and it's a decent film, though I spent most of the movie trying to place various actors (it's sad to say -- it took me nearly the entire movie to recognize Jennifer Connolly). The movie was alternately funny and painful; funny, because so true, and painful because I recognized myself and some of my friends in it. All in all, decent film, and I was tempted to fic a different ending for a couple of the characters because well, they deserved another fate.

I'm still behind on BSG, and curiously, not missing it so much. My sister-in-law and I discussed last weekend and we both think it's because the gap between the first half of season four and the second was just way too long for those of us with Swiss cheese memories and little time to catch up. I've lost my connection with these characters, those long hours musing in the aftermath of the episode, forgetting what makes them work, the history that guides their actions. It's as if they are strangers to me and I can't hear their voices in my head anymore. And it's like when your ex writes to you one day out of the blue about what was and it's been so long, you wonder if you ever knew that person at all. Anyway, hopefully will be caught up in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, idella rec Benevolent Sibling, hilarious BSG fic. Seriously fun, so go read if you haven't already.

So I came looking for the fluffy and the kittens today because it's been one of those years and came instead across something called RaceFail09 with lots of links here. I'm exhausted just scanning the number of entries on this one.

So I'm still looking for something fun to read this Friday evening. If you have any recommendations, I would love to have them (Trek, X-Files, BSG, JAG, GA, The Practice, CSI, etc). The fluffier the better...

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