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February 2016
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Seema [userpic]
More Five Things meme responses

For jugrox91:

1. Addison says Izzie might be the best she's seen, but there's something about Meredith -- her quickness, her ability to intuitively and immediately understand difficult cases, her compassionate but professional bedside manner -- that impresses Addison. Addison likes to think under different circumstances, she and Meredith could be friends.

2. Addison's been on her feet for hours, three surgeries one right after another, and her back is aching, and her eyes are blurry with fatigue. But before she can think about going home, there are still a couple of charts to review and update. As she walks towards the nurses' station, Addison thinks, "Only five more minutes, and then I can sit down." Halfway there, she feels a gentle tap on her forearm.

"Meredith," Addison says.

"Here are the charts for Tiphareth Saldana and Sarah Delaney," Meredith says. "I just checked in on them and updated their charts."

Addison stops. "You didn't have to do that."

Meredith offers her a slight smile. "I knew you were busy today and it'd be late before you'd get to these. I had a few minutes."

"Thanks," Addison says. "I appreciate it." The charts feel heavy in her hands as she watches Meredith walk away.

3. Addison is a firm believer in the Sun-Tzu school of warfare: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

4. "Why didn't you tell her?" Addison asks one night. Derek's sitting on the edge of the porch, drinking a beer. He doesn't offer her a sip.

"Ask who what?" Derek says. He sounds startled, as if he's just realized Addison's there with him. She hates that after eleven years of marriage, he's surprised she's still there.

"Meredith. Why didn't you tell her about me?"

"There never seemed to be a good time."

"So you lied to her."

"Not really. I was going to tell her eventually."


"For all intents and purposes, we were done." Derek turns to face Addison. "Why are you bringing this up now?"

Addison shrugs. "I'd like to blame her for the mess you and I are in now, but that doesn't seem quite fair, does it? Especially since she didn't know." Addison stands up. It's cold out here and she doesn't see the point in braving the chill for someone who doesn't even seem to see her. "And Meredith's a hell of a lot more forgiving than I would be." Addison pauses, her hand on the door to the trailer. "I find her ability to forgive and forget, while mystifying, strangely admirable."

5. Addison knows what it's like to be in love with someone you can't have. She understands what it's like to fantasize about happy endings that in all likelihood might never happen because even though she's married to Derek, lately she's not sure they'll see their twelfth anniversary. When she sees Meredith Grey looking at Derek, Addison is very aware that their places could very well be reversed. She could never hate a reflection of herself.

For zakhad:

1. When they (temporarily) moved into the shack on the banks of the Colorado River, the first thing Scully unpacked was the alarm clock her father had given her just before she went to college. There is no power in the shack, but she puts it on the creaky bedside table anyway, the long cord dangling on the floor. When Mulder steps on the plug in the middle of the night for the twentieth time, swearing under his breath, she pretends she doesn't hear him.

2. Under the bundle of letters she's saved for address book purposes (she keeps meaning to buy an address book, but out here in the Ozarks, they're lucky the General Store sells milk that isn't more than three days away from expiration), she keeps the small picture of William, the one Monica took just before the social worker took him away. She's never shown the picture to Mulder (sometimes she wonders if William meant as much to Mulder as he did to her), but when Mulder's out in the woods, looking for whatever it is he's always looking for, she'll take it out. She wonders if William's hair is still red, or has it darkened into another shade entirely, or if his eyes are still that bright blue. She imagines he's walking now, probably babbling a few words here and there. William was a happy baby; she hopes that hasn't changed.

3. She keeps her gun in the middle drawer, even though Mulder has pointed out many times that the Colonists are quicker to the draw, that by the time she rolls over, reaches for the gun, she'll be dead. His solution is that they take turns sleeping and keeping watch. He always takes the night shift, but sometimes she'll wake up and watch him. He never looks at her, always keeps his eyes on the door, his hand curled around the butt of a gun. Sometimes, he'll react to some external stimuli -- something only he can hear or see -- and he'll leap off the bed. That's when she reaches for her own gun. When Mulder returns -- and he always does -- he always seems surprised she's awake.

"Go to sleep, Scully," he says. "I've got it."

"We're in this together," she says. Every now and then, she feels the need to remind him of this fact.

"I know." He eases back on to the bed, his hand warm against her bare leg. "Go back to sleep, Scully."

She hates the way he treats her like a child sometime, that she needs protecting and watching. "What was that noise?"

"I don't know." Mulder presses his lips together into a straight line. "I couldn't find the source."

Scully puts her gun back into the middle drawer. "It was probably nothing," she says.

There's a moment of silence and then Mulder says, "I can't take that chance. Tomorrow, we leave." When he sounds like this, she knows better not to argue; she always loses because in the end, he always pulls out the argument she can't defend against, the one that gets her every time: "I'm not going to risk losing you, Scully."

The first thing Scully packs in the morning is her gun. She notes, with some trepidation, she only has six bullets.

4. In a life long ago, one filled with all the conveniences of modern life, Mulder gave her a gift certificate to Starbucks. If memory serves correctly, Scully's still got a credit of about $6 on the card. She doesn't know why she still has it -- they keep far away from any metropolis that might possibly have a Starbucks in it, and God knows what she'd give up from her dwindling possessions for a real cup of coffee -- but every now and then, she likes to think one day they'll take the chance of sitting at a Starbucks, sipping $4 lattes and watching the people go by. Every now and then, Scully likes to think she'll have a life that doesn't involve dilapidated shacks, rusty-tasting water, and creaky floorboards. Every now and then, she thinks, they'll stay somewhere for more than a couple weeks, and she'll stop having to leave a piece of herself behind.

5. In the cottage, nestled in the verdant hills of Appalachia, as she unpacks her bags for what must be the millionth time, Scully finds the rock. It's rough, black, the size of a baby's fist. She stares at it, turning it over carefully in her hands. Over time, she has left behind things of more consequence than this (including the Apollo 13 keychain), and yet, thirty-two states and four countries later, she still has the rock. She's still staring at it when she hears Mulder's footsteps on the linoleum.

"What's that?" he asks. He sits down on the bed and the springs creak; Scully's already dreading spending the night on the too-thin mattress that sags in the middle.

"A souvenir," she says. She hands it over. "From Antarctica." Somewhere between the time Mulder rescued her and they stumbled upon scientists' outpost, she'd closed her fingers around the rock and she'd never let go.



Mulder hands the rock back to her. "Why do you still have it?"

"So I don't forget what we're fighting for," she says. She opens the top drawer of the nightstand and deposits the rock in it with a resounding thud. Scully gets to her feet and absently kisses the top of Mulder's head, letting her fingers linger lightly on his shoulder. "I've always wanted to vacation in Appalachia," she says softly.


these are all lovely, both sets, but I especially feel for Addison. Sigh.

Thanks. Scully's at least on the run with a man she loves and who loves her back. Addison is really out there with a guy who has no idea what he has and how very close she is to walking all over him in her 5" Prada heels (I wouldn't blame her if she broke skin either).

Mmm, fic. Mmm, guns. And souvenirs. hugs Scully

Addison is just one classy lady. I hope I'm like her when I grow up, someday, in the unforeseen future.

Mmm, fic. Mmm, guns. And souvenirs. hugs Scully

You got to hand it to a woman who's given up all the modern conveniences of life (no coffee!) to chase after a paranoid conspiracist, but still manages to hang on to the one piece of rock that truly says "I love you."

Addison is just one classy lady. I hope I'm like her when I grow up, someday, in the unforeseen future.

Me too.

Oh, Scully.

I know, I know. I feel so bad for her, I mean even though she's running around with Mulder, I can't get this feeling out of my head that she's given up so much for this guy. Sometimes you need more than love, right?

Sometimes you need more than love, right?


They're both extremely well-writen, although I'm just not as familiar with the X-Files universe.

I aspire to be Addison Shepherd. Minus the cheating and all that, but she's a great woman. Graceful, classy and truly beautiful. :)

Thanks :-)

And I'm with you on Addison. The woman is always so put together and generally knows exactly how to act and what to do. she's amazing.

Yeah, she is. We'll get there one day. :)

I haven't forgotten your meme request (g). I've got two done so far. I had to take, um, some liberties, so it may not be exactly what you were thinking of, and for that I apologize in advance, but damn, it's *hard*. My goal, if I don't end up travelling this weekend, is to have it done this weekend. It'll be up before the season premiere, definitely. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you! That in itself already delights me (like a cupcake does.) :) I'm sure whatever you write will be very satisfying to read.

It's a week to go before the season premiere. I really, really hope they don't make Addison "the bad guy" this season, especially after "the very bad thing" that happened at the prom. I look forward to it, but I'm also really worried about where the writing will go. Seriously. Your thoughts?

Don't be too pressured, have fun this weekend! :)

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