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February 2016
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Seema [userpic]
New fic

Written in honor of rocky_t's birthday this past weekend and now that she's had a chance to read it over, I'm putting it up publicly:

A Day in the Life of Laura Roslin -- "I've been thinking about it every day," she says. "About what it means to have Cylon blood in me, that I owe something to them for saving my life, and yet, all I can think about is killing them." Set immediately after "Black Market."


I think what I liked best about this one was the lovely subtlety and the echoes of scenes we've all seen on the show -- Laura leaning on the sink, seeing Baltar in what's obviously the "kissing Six" posture in the corridor, and her calm, controlled way of dealing with all the problems and issues she's facing. And Bill. It's all very much in character for her.

Thank you for the lovely FB. I did want it to be a more subtle, quiet story about what it's like to come to life again, and just how that feels for Laura, and how that even colors her relationship with Bill. I'm glad it worked for you.